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Find Your Dream Abode This Summer!

At Zoll Home, we’re not just selling houses; we’re helping you discover the perfect sanctuary to beat the summer heat. With the expert guidance of Meghan Zoll, explore the coolest homes in Livingston County, MI, where comfort meets style and every house is a haven. Dive into our listings and find your oasis today!

About Us

Welcome to Zoll Home, where we help you find your dream home in beautiful Livingston County, MI. Led by experienced realtor Meghan Zoll, our mission is to make your home-buying journey smooth and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or explore the market, Zoll Home is here to provide expert guidance and personalized service.

Why Choose Zoll Homes

Local Expertise

Deep knowledge of Livingston County and surrounding areas.

Personalized Service

Tailored home-buying and selling experiences.

Comprehensive Listings

Access to a wide range of properties.

Community Focus

Committed to supporting and enhancing our local community.

Summer Home Criteria Section

Looking for the perfect summer retreat? Explore homes that meet our fun summer criteria:

Refreshing Pools

Dive into luxury with a sparkling pool in your backyard.

Spacious Backyards

Perfect for summer BBQs, gatherings, and outdoor fun.

Modern Kitchens

Ideal for whipping up summer feasts and entertaining guests.

Proximity to Parks and Lakes

Enjoy easy access to nature and recreational activities.

What The Clients Say

"Meghan is awesome, the best agent we've ever had ! She is knowledgeable, organized, never pushy, and promptly responds to questions. Meghan has a way of calmly guiding you through the whole process. She is a true Professional and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."
Ray and Jan
"Meghan was incredible! She was quick to respond to my constant questions and had a plethora of knowledge on things I had no idea would even be involved in the complicated process of home buying. Her positive attitude and dedication to each client made her the type of person you don't just want to be around, but also want on your team."

Summer 2024 Special

Celebrate summer with Zoll Home! Use the QR code on our koozies to explore exclusive listings and offers.

Find your cooler home this summer with Zoll Home – where every home is a haven.